Diamond Thinking® is an approach I use with clients and for myself. More than just another thinking process, it is a way of creating choice and independence and recognises that there is more to our decision-making process than just pure logic.

It understands that we start with vague ideas of what we want and the direction we want to go in. It then helps to shape this up more firmly and concretely by generating possibilities, making connections and gaining insights. This provides further clarity on what we are really aiming for.

It is a creative process of opening up. Opening up to possibilities, new thinking, options, choices, new concepts and new insights. It is the bottom of the diamond, going from a starting idea – or even a dream – to lots of options and possibilities. In fact there is often a point of feeling overwhelmed with the options and possibilities!

But we don’t stay in overwhelm.

From that point of possibility we can then start moving to practicality. From our creative side to our analytical side. From opening up to closing down. We need to work out what to do next – we need to create focus and limit the choices to a point of decision.

Diamond Thinking® is a journey from dreams to reality. From taking your vague ideas and hopes and taking practical steps to making them real by way of a practical plan.

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Diamond Thinking® is a registered trademark.

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