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“I hope this simple but powerful SEO checklist can help you improve the return on investment of your digital marketing.”
Andy Turnbull – Business Growth Coach

Why bother with SEO?

You probably know that getting your website onto the front page of Google is a great way to get free traffic to your website, which consequently means that your sales should be more profitable than if paying for advertising. The way to do this is to optimise your website for the search engines, like Google – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

You may also be aware how difficult getting onto page one is to achieve! In fact it can be so difficult to achieve that you can incur a number of costs to get there – these could be anything from your time (a hidden cost) to paying for an SEO specialist to do everything for you.

Get the SEO basics right

Whether you are doing it yourself, or outsourcing to someone else, there are a number of basics that are well worth you thinking about and getting right at the outset. The thing about SEO is that there are some things directly within your control and others that are not.

This checklist takes you through the basic things that ARE within your control. It’s a great place to start with a new website and very helpful as a tool to review your existing website.

SEO as an investment

One other thing to consider about SEO is that it is usually a more long-term form of getting traffic. So from a business perspective, if you are building a business for the long-term, then the time and effort that you put into SEO can be viewed as a valuable medium to long-term investment.

The main thing you are trying to do is to deliver to Google – or any other search engine – exactly what they want. Now they have a very complex algorithm that keeps changing and is top secret, so there’s no point in trying to trick it – Google have more resources than you and their algorithm is very smart. So just focus on delivering what they want – relevant content that is well-regarded and trustworthy and is clearly signposted.

SEO is not just for search engines

All this is under your control – and it’s not just what the search engine wants, it’s what your customers and potential customers want too. You can work through the checklist all at once or take it one section at a time – depending upon the size of your website you could have done a complete review of your website and its content after a few weeks, just using the bits of spare time that you have.

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