Change up a gear!

Leverage the driving forces in your business

Having worked with a wide variety of businesses and business owners, I’ve found that there are a number of driving forces that can be harnessed to help a business grow.

It’s like changing up a gear when you are driving!

What could be driving your business forward?

Maybe you recognise some of these themes in your business:

  • a growing customer demographic
  • customers have an appetite for a greater range of products and services
  • the market could support more expensive, higher value-added products and services
  • the business has a strong, talented team who are willing and able to offer more
  • the team have strengths that are not being utilised
  • the business is profitable giving a potential to re-invest for future growth
  • the target market congregates in different places that are not being targeted
  • demand is outstripping the business's capacity to supply it
  • customers are moving to new digital platforms

Are you tired of your business being held back?

Maybe now is the time to put a plan of action together to address the restraining forces in your business, to take the handbrake off and remove the things that could be holding you back.

Every month I offer a limited number of free Business Review Sessions, lasting about 45 minutes. You can speak to me about your business and the issues that have come up from using the Driving Force business tool.

If you would like to apply for a free Business Review Session, with no charge and no obligation, then you can apply here.

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