Take off the handbrake!

Tackle the restraining forces in your business

Having worked with a wide variety of businesses and business owners, I’ve found that there are a number of restraining forces that can hold a business back from growth.

It’s like trying to drive forwards with the handbrake on!

What's holding your business back?

Maybe you recognise some of these themes in your business:

  • the benefits of your product or service aren't being communicated to customers clearly
  • you, as the business owner or managing director, are a bottleneck - decisions get slowed up, or made on patchy information
  • you don't have enough thinking time to really move the business forward in a planned way
  • there is a lack of management skills and experience, which acts as a brake on the productivity and motivation of the team
  • there is no clear vision or plan and so activities are sporadic and uncoordinated, so initiatives don't get started properly or there sufficient follow-through
  • there isn't enough spare cash to reinvest in the business
  • team roles are unclear and so tasks get missed, things get repeated or duplicated
  • inefficient processes or a unclear procedures wast time and create unnecessary cost
  • sales are sporadic as there is no repeatable sales process
  • suppliers and partners are unreliable, causing errors, costs and problems with your customers

Are you tired of your business being held back?

Maybe now is the time to put a plan of action together to address the restraining forces in your business, to take the handbrake off and remove the things that could be holding you back.

Every month I offer a limited number of free Business Review Sessions, lasting about 45 minutes. You can speak to me about your business and the issues that have come up from using the Driving Force business tool.

If you would like to apply for a free Business Review Session, with no charge and no obligation, then you can apply here.

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