Change Management for Leaders and Managers

Change management is a large topic because changing people and organisations is complex! Most leaders and managers will be involved in change and will benefit from understanding the key elements.

In my book “Change Management for Leaders and Managers, A guide to managing change in organisations”, I explore the key issues and challenges of managing change in organisations and how leaders and managers can make change successful. It covers the how people and organisations change and what’s going on during that process. It provides practical guidance and tools for implementing change – including how to be effective when leading and communicating change.

“This is an excellent guide to use once change is expected in an organisation. There is enough information in this publication for handling small changes as well as “killing the fires” when big changes are announced.”   Dr Annette Boshoff

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I have prepared a change management toolkit to accompany the book – and you can download it for free. The Toolkit enables you to tackle a variety of key change management issues. You can use it to:

  • Identify what might need to change
  • Assess the organisation's readiness for change
  • Analyse the attitudes of key stakeholders
  • Uncover the hidden forces at work
  • Map the stages of transition
  • Create a communications strategy
  • Plan a change management programme using 3 steps
  • Devise interventions when things go wrong
  • Learn from the process of change

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Learn how to lead and manage change

If you’d like to discuss more about change or how to approach change in your organisation, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Why work with Andy?

Before I was an executive coach and business consultant, I spent well over 15 years in various senior management and leadership roles within national and international organisations. In that time I have instigated, led and managed change in a variety of situations.

I have managed strategic change in a global context, working across continents, cultures and time zones. I have managed change in complex and challenging environments, working with multiple stakeholders who had conflicting interests. I have restructured teams and functions, introduced new approaches and concepts, and piloted new schemes. As a finance director I implemented many new systems, processes and procedures both in the finance function and across the wider organisation.

The changes I have been involved with have often been about answering the question “how can we improve this situation?” or “what’s the right thing to do here?”

As a result I now particularly work with managers and leaders who are seeking to improve their business or organisation and who wish to develop their own capacity to lead and manage change effectively, so that they can do the right thing and lead change to make a positive impact.

If you’d like to discuss more about change or how to approach change in your organisation, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Read the book

Change Management for Leaders and Managers Book

The book is availalable from the Bookboon website.

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Book Contents


1. What is Change?

1.1 What is organisational change?
1.2 Why manage change?
1.3 Why change?
1.4 The who’s who of change

2. Components of Change

2.1 Drivers of change
2.2 Dimensions of change
2.3 Implications for risk

3. People and Change

3.1 Understanding people
3.2 Causes of stress
3.3 Impact on teams
3.4 Mobilising people

4. Understanding Transitions

4.1 The three-step model
4.2 The transitions model
4.3 The change curve


5. Planning Change

5.1 Levels of change
5.2 Approaches to change
5.3 Resourcing change

6. Communicating Change

6.1 Communicate, communicate, communicate!
6.2 Mind the gap
6.3 Choosing the messengers
6.4 Understanding the audiences

7. Leading Change

7.1 Role of the leader
7.2 The big picture
7.3 Eight stage model
7.4 The place of authentic leadership
7.5 Leaders listen

8. Conclusion – Making Change Work