Download the Change Management Toolkit

This Change Management Toolkit has been designed to accompany my book Change Management for Leaders and Managers – A Guide To Managing Change in Organisations.

You can download the PDF by clicking on the image.

The Toolkit covers a variety of key issues including:

  • What might need to change

  • The organisation’s readiness for change

  • Analysing the attitudes of key stakeholders

  • Assessing the forces at work

  • Mapping the stages of transition

  • Creating an appropriate communications strategy

  • The 3 stages to planning a change management programme

  • What to do when things go wrong

  • Learning from the process of change

I hope you find the Toolkit useful. Let me know what you think of it, what’s been most useful and what else you would find helpful in a future version.

Buy the Book

The Toolkit will make more sense when read alongside my book “Change Management for Leaders and Managers, A guide to managing change in organisations”.

In it I explore the key issues and challenges of managing change in organisations and how leaders and managers can make change successful. It covers the how people and organisations change and what’s going on during that process. It provides practical guidance for implementing change – including how to be effective when leading and communicating change.

The book is available from the Bookboon website.

Download the Toolkit

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Download the free toolkit by clicking on the image above.