Coaching skills for managers are becoming essential in order to improve the performance of the team. Whether you have a management or leadership role, developing your coaching skills will enable you to improve your relationships with your team and enable your team to develop their potential. A coaching management or leadership style is almost always welcomed by employees as they feel listened to and encouraged – as opposed to being told what to do all the time and feeling micro-managed, or completely left to their own devices and floundering.

Effective delegation

Many managers have a delegation dilemma – do they delegate a task that they know well to free up time, but risk the task going wrong, or keep hold of the task as they can do it more quickly and accurately than their team members. At its worst delegating poorly can be demotivating and ineffective, whilst retaining a task is both inefficient and does not develop the team. Learning how to coach team members enables delegation to be done effectively.

Better communication

In developing your coaching skills you are able to take your inter-personal skills to an advanced level – and this can be used in all aspects of your life, not just when managing your team. In conversations with customers, your boss, or with friends, family and your children the quality of dialogue will be enriched – you will be able to express yourself authentically and listen deeply to others, picking up on the things going on underneath the surface.

Developing staff potential

The annual appraisal is often the only opportunity for staff to explore how they could develop their potential and put a plan together for the following year. Yet how to you as a manager ensure that their development objectives are appropriate and that organisational investments in their training and development are really paying dividends and making a difference day to day? Adopting a coaching approach enables you to have those ongoing conversations with your team members so that the learning is really integrated into the day to day work.

Improved employee engagement

Many employees today value recognition by their managers and leaders. Staff surveys which are used to measure employee engagement show time after time that the quality of the relationship with your boss is a key factor in determining how you feel about the organisation. As a manager, adopting a coaching approach to conversations enables your staff to feel more fully engaged with you and with the company, improving staff retention and motivation. An investment in your coaching skills is an investment in your team’s performance.

The Coaching Skills for Managers Course

Learn at your own pace

This highly practical, experiential course is made up of nine individual sessions spaced out to suit your circumstances – anything from nine weeks to nine months. With self-study material provided to back up the sessions, this enables us to use our time together focus on the practical application of the skills to your own professional life.

Personalised one-to-one coaching tuition

This is a highly personalised approach. There are no group lectures and no standard approach, instead we work together with your real life situations to explore the core concepts of the course, applying them and testing them out together. The aim of the course is not just to learn some theories about coaching practice, but to apply them practically, experience coaching first hand and reflect on real life situations.

Andy has many years of practical experience of developing his own coaching management style and applying coaching approaches and techniques in organisations to great effect.

Flexible support

As well as the pre-arranged sessions, you will be able to have access to flexible telephone support between sessions to reflect on issues as they crop up. This uniquely flexible approach allows you to explore situations in real time. Andy’s management and leadership experience enables you to have informed conversations about the real life situations that you are facing.

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