The Unitive™ Leader is a unique leadership development course designed to take the philosophies of the Unitive approach and apply them to your own leadership development. “Unitive” means “tending towards unity” and in leadership this means developing unity within yourself and within the organisation. An alignment between what motivates you as a leader and the aims and goals of your organisation provides the potential for a true unity of purpose with far-reaching benefits both for you personally and for your organisation.

Authentic leadership

Authentic leadership comes about when you bring your true self to your leadership role. The Unitive™ Leader is on a personal journey towards that ideal.  This enables you to act from your intuition and to speak from the heart – and in the process increase that vital commodity between leaders and their teams – trust.

Being not doing

The Unitive™ Leader is someone who is leading others as an extension of themselves (being) rather than merely acting in a leadership role (doing). This can be both an exciting and energising place to be.


When you are able to tap into your true creative self you will be seen differently. The Unitive™ Leader allows their natural charisma to flow, speaks with authority and stands out as an inspiring individual.

Facilitative leadership

The Unitive™ Leader has the skills and insightful awareness needed to operate from a facilitative leadership style when appropriate. Using an inclusive coaching approach you will be able to empower your teams, delegate effectively and increase staff engagement.

Guiding principles

The Unitive™ Leader has a clear sense of guiding principles which they become aware of and develop over time.  This sense of clarity when making decisions arises from their true selves and remains steadfast when challenging situations arise. Instead of adopting other people’s goals, values and ideas of what you should do as a leader, you can develop your own guiding principles giving a consistency to your decision-making that will be noted by others.

Living with uncertainty

Very often leaders are presented with challenges to which there is no right answer – decisions at a strategic level may or may not turn out to be good ones. The Unitive™ Leader accepts, lives with, and faces this uncertainty, using it as an opportunity for being creative and innovative, whilst employing their guiding principles to create their own pathway through it.

Advanced interpersonal skills

Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to take your interpersonal skills to an advanced level. The Unitive™ Leader communicates effectively and responsibly and brings heightened levels of awareness to their interactions with others, enabling them to perceive what’s really going on beneath the surface.

Personalised one-to-one support

This leadership development course provides you with a series of twelve individual coaching/tutorial sessions, one of which is offered as an extended half day session in which you can really explore issues in depth. Working with Andy Turnbull one to one, you will receive a blend of tutoring and executive coaching.

Throughout the programme reasonable telephone and email support is offered between sessions giving you the opportunity to bring real life leadership challenges to an external sounding board and to work through the issues that you face, utilising the Unitive approach.

Flexible arrangements

Sessions can be arranged out of hours to suit your busy schedule, with sessions by phone/Skype or face to face in Surrey or London at your place of work or another venue that we arrange.

Limited places

Due to the nature of this particular programme, only a few people can be going through the course at any one time. To check availability of places, to discuss your requirements and for information on pricing please contact Andy using the form.