Personal coaching with Andy gives you the opportunity to explore who and what you really are and to get back in touch with your true authentic self – and you can then tap into all the resources that you need to resolve your own dilemmas and cope effectively with today’s fast-changing world.

Andy adopts a holistic approach to personal coaching. It is designed to support you through a creative process of self-understanding and fulfilment of your potential. The focus is on you as a unique individual and your potential for personal growth and development.  Going far beyond the simplistic approach of trying to achieve unrealistic goals set in a utopian future, we work with what’s really going on right here and right now, reconnecting you with the internal resources you already have which prepares you for whatever the future may bring.

This approach will have far-reaching and long-lasting positive effects on your personal and professional life – and any goals that you do then set arise from your real core self, rather than from what you think you should do or ought to do. As a result you will have an enhanced sense of personal efficacy, a deeper experience of meaning and belonging, and a deep connection with what makes you unique.

“Andy has developed a high level of personal awareness which enables him to create a supportive non-judgemental environment where it is safe for you as the client to be fully yourself – perhaps for the first time.”
Charles Bentley PhD