Inside-out business overhaul

Running the course of either 6 or 12 months, Business Shape Up homes in on six key areas of your business:

1. You
2. Purpose & Strategy
3. Sales & Marketing
4. Systems & Operations
5. People & Management
6. Profit & Cash

Where is your business right now? What are the strengths? How can the weaker areas be improved?

Those are the key questions of the Business Shape Up.

Each and every month we’ll tackle one business area.

Six months down the road we’ll take a step back and assess – seeing where we are and the leaps forward you’ve made in the meantime.

Want to know how your business shapes up?

Need more?

Made for bigger businesses or entrenched challenges the 12-month Business Shape Up ramps it up.

We’ll explore each of the areas a second time – reviewing progress, assessing improvements, another push on stubborn issues. We’ll dig deeper and discover new ways to embed change.

For both small and mid-sized businesses, if issues are all around and one pass through simply isn’t going to cut it, 12 months provides the time and depth needed.

For the bigger of businesses that arrive with a team in tow, or where you – the business owner – need more support with actioning everything we put in place, this longer programme could have been practically made for you.

Is now the time to Shape Up Your Business?

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