An intensive and creative experience!

The Diamond Thinking® Intensive is designed to open up possibilities for your and your business, to think creatively, make new connections and unlock the potential of your business.

Using a range of tools and techniques, we will open up your thinking and get your creative juices flowing to produce a wide choice of options. We will give space for your dreams, hopes and aspirations to flourish and find new insights together.

We will then start reviewing those options (hopefully including some real gems!) and filter them into practical alternatives to leave you with some concrete things to focus on.

After that we will reconvene after a few days to reflect on the initial ideas, add any new ones to the list and put more flesh on the front-runners to produce a plan for the next steps.

Whether you are developing a new business, a new product or service, or looking for a springboard of ideas for growth, then the Diamond Thinking® Intensive could be just the thing to get you started.

An exciting, invigorating and cathartic process that could be just the boost that you and your business need!

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