A Slice of Time and Headspace, Every Day, Week, Month – For a Year

Limited to five people at a time, the Slice Programme may involve a wait, but a wait that would be well worth it. Here’s what to expect…

A thinking partner, a sounding board, a commercial confidante who gets to know you – who takes the time to get you, and your business – that’s what the Slice Programme provides. It’s a colleague who cares – not just a business brain, but eyes looking out, ear to the ground.

While everyday coaching ends the minute the session does, Slice carries on – your business is in my head (as it is yours) – when I’m reading the latest business book, it’s your business that I’m thinking of when I ask “what could this do for x, y or z?”.

Facing a problem? I’m working on it. Come across something that’s absolutely relevant to where you are? You’ll be the first to know.

Designed for you – independent business owner, who wants to progress on your own, but not be alone.

Created for you – entrepreneur, who’s dead set on making lasting change and making it happen.

Entirely bespoke, this programme is a combination of planning, implementation, sprints and personal development.

Until the tech arrives to clone yourself, Slice is the next best thing.

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