What business coaching can do for you and your business varies as your business grows and develops – but it is always focused on one thing: helping you build the business that you want to build.

To build a business that matters to you.

To build a business that you can be proud of.

Being a business owner

As a business owner you’ll be experiencing the highs and lows of running your own business – being independent and able to shape your own destiny is a strong motivator for many. If you’ve moved out of corporate life, the freedom and flexibility can be exciting and rewarding.

Maybe you’re building a business around something that you really enjoy and feel excited by every day, or you’re doing something that’s making a difference in the world. Maybe your business is a vehicle for an inner, meaningful purpose.

But as well as the highs, running your own business can be frustrating – because things aren’t quite as straightforward as they first seemed, or overwhelming – because there is more to running a business than you had bargained for – or maybe because there are more possibilities and opportunities than you’d ever imagined!

Whatever your reasons for starting and running a business there will be highs and lows – times when the business is growing and times when you reach a plateau. You may find yourself wondering where to take the business next or how to get there.

As a business coach I work with owners to grow and develop themselves, their teams and their business.

What is business coaching?

Business coaching has two distinct areas of focus – your personal development as a business owner and the practical development of your business. Most importantly it enables you to take a step back, so that you can then take the next step forward with clarity, focus and renewed enthusiasm.

Enjoying your business though isn’t enough – it has to meet the needs of your customers profitably year after year. Originally an accountant by profession, I have a wide range of experience of helping people to look at their numbers, interpret them and make sound decisions as a result. The next steps that you could take in your business, to make it more efficient or profitable, may be locked up in the information that you already have.

One major opportunity for many businesses is the potential to take some or all of your business online. I’ve been interested in digital marketing since around 2004 – it’s really been a revolution, as the insights that you can get from the data mean that you can focus on the things that produce results, enabling you to continuously improve.

What business coaching could do for you

So whether you are

  • facing a particular challenge or opportunity in your business
  • if you haven’t got the time to do everything
  • if you want to grow the business for the future but are unsure how
  • if you want to review or improve your business model
  • or you just want a sounding board to bounce ideas around

then maybe now is a good time to find a business coach to work alongside you.


As a business owner you probably want to be independent -to have the freedom and autonomy to run your business your way. The downside can be that you are on your own. Working with a business coach gives you the best of both worlds – you are independent but not alone.

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